Hiring Child Seats with car and campervan rental

Can I hire a booster or child seat when renting a car or campervan? Yes. Car rental companies hire booster and child seats on a daily basis whilst campervan and motorhome suppliers use a per rental charge. Further information is below.

Information Icon Use the 'Comments' field on the booking form to indicate the age and height of the children requiring baby, child or booster seats. This will ensure that the hire company is as best prepared for your arrival and vehicle pick-up as possible.

Please Note - Child safety seating and equipment is on Request and subject to availability at the rental company.

Whilst we always endeavour to publish the latest available information and pricing as these are managed by our suppliers they are subject to change beyond our control. Therefore the below should be treated as a guide as to what can be expected from each rental company with respect to Child seating.

Updated May 2014:
Avis Airport Locations Child Seat - $10 per day Booster Seat - $7.15 per day
Other Locations Child Seat - $8 per day Booster Seat - $5.70 per day
Budget Airport Locations Child Seat - $8.55 per day Booster Seat - $7.15 per day
Other Locations Child Seat - $6.85 per day Booster Seat - $5.70 per day
Europcar $11 per day
Hertz $16.5 per day capped at $82.50 (5 days rental)
Redspot $11 per day capped at $55 (5 days rental)
Thrifty $11 per day
Around Australia $40 per seat per rental (HiTop is $95 includes anchor point)
Britz  $36 per seat per rental
Camperman  $50 per seat per rental
Cruisin $35 per seat per rental
Go Cheap $35 per seat per rental
Jucy You need to provide your own seats - vehicles fitted with anchor points
Kea Campers Free
Maui $36 per seat per rental
Mighty $36 per seat per rental
Travellers Autobarn $45 per seat per rental

Smaller Campervans

Baby and/or Booster Seats cannot be fitted in the smaller campervans (hi-top, 2 berths etc). 4-berth and 6-berth Campervans can accommodate a maximum of 2 child seats (1 baby seat, 1 booster seat OR 2 baby seats). Check the vehicle details page for more information about child safety seats in the campervan you are looking to hire.

Child Restraint Information

All children should be seated in a suitable restraint when travelling in a car for their own safety. Adult seatbelts do not offer sufficient protection for babies and children and an appropriate child restraint must be used. Since March 2010 all Australian States and Territories have had uniform legislation covering Child Restraints. All Children under the age of 7 must travel in child restraints or use booster seats.

Child Restraint Categories

  • 0-6 months: Infants must be secured in an approved rear-facing child restraint a baby capsule.
  • 6 months - 4 years: Children must be in an approved rear-facing or forward-facing child restraint with built-in harness.
  • 4 - 7 years: Children must be in an approved forward facing child restraint or booster seat equipped with adjusted and fastened harness of sea belt. The type of restraint will depend upon the child's size.
  • 7 - 16 years: Children aged between seven years old and 16 years old must use a booster seat if they are too small to be restrained by a seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened

Travelling in Taxis

If you are picking up your vehicle from an off-airport depot/hire-location and will be travelling in a taxi with your child:

  • By law a taxi driver is not obliged to provide a child seat or booster (some taxi firms do and these need to be pre-booked) however they are obliged to provide a minimum of 1 anchor point.

  • Only Child restraints that meet Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZ 1754 can be used in Australia. One of the main features of which is the use of a rear strap to an anchor point. Australian child restraint standards are some of the most stringent in the world and most overseas child restraints do not comply with these standards and cannot legally be used in Australia - this includes restraints from countries such as the UK and USA. It is advisable to hire a child restraint in Australia from the vehicle hire company rather than bringing your own from overseas.

  • Customer service desks at airports (both within Australia and internationally) should be able to assist you with booking taxis with child seats if you are not able to pre-book a taxi prior to your arrival.

  • Infants under the age of 1 must be secured in a child seat or capsule in a taxi.

  • Children between the ages of 12 months and 16 must occupy their own seat (ie not sit on a lap) and use a suitably fitted seat belt.

  • Children under the age of 4 may not sit in the front seat.

  • Children between 4 and 7 years may only use the front seat when all the other seats in the vehicle are occupied by passengers also under the age of 7

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